For Online Students

How to start learning online?

  • Choose your study online course and sign up for it
  • Check your email and follow the instructions

Using online conference platform

  • Check if you have the latest version of Java installed
  • Follow the link you have received to get access to your online class or webinar
  • Log into the system with your name and email (no additional registration is required) Once you’ve logged into your online lesson, it will open in another window

Useful tips

  • Check the audio settings: Audio – Audio conference – Use computer for Audio – Call using the computer. If you have more than one microphone or speaker you should click Test speaker/microphone and choose the correct device
  • To see the people in your class please push the Switch between participant list and thumbnail view button in the Participants window on your right
  • To start a private chat with your classmate or teacher right click at his/her name and choose Chat
  • To draw, highlight or type on the whiteboard use the tool bar on the top of your window

To learn more about the online conference platform please visit the How To page.