Online Courses








The reasons why we are here

  • your desire to improve your language skills
  • our desire to accommodate your needs by providing for you the most convenient time and place
  • we want your personal program to be at the pace that meets your goals in learning a language and feels comfortable to you.

New language will become your second nature because we know how to make the language learning very bright and simple. Millions of people have already joined us to gain the confidence that comes with truly knowing a new language.

Study Programs

To satisfy the needs of each client our team developed different types of study programs:

  • Interactive online classes
  • Online seminars
  • Conversation Video Clubs

Online lessons

You can join the online classroom with a teacher either for a private session or to work in groups up to 25 students (depends on your course). This online lesson is nearly equal to the lesson as if you were in school in a real classroom. You can:

  • see the teacher and other students on your screen
  • use a virtual whiteboard and all study materials
  • speak to each other
  • use a chat

What does the online class room look like?

  • Pages: Each page can include different types of material. It may be text documents, presentations, images, audio and video files, text and voice notes.
  • Whiteboard: The page on which the teacher and students can draw and highlight just as if you were using a whiteboard in a real classroom.
  • Participants: You can see who is in the classroom with you at any moment.
  • Chat: If you have a question. You can type it in the chat window, so you won’t interrupt the current action of your teacher or classmates.
  • Microphone and Web Camera: You can choose to share / stop sharing your video and / or speech with everyone.

iLearn allows people around the world to help each other with language learning, and provides our community with opportunities to learn and practice new languages together.