Preparation for international exams

Preparation for international exams in English
in Odessa


Bridge School provides training for international exams in English at Odessa. To prepare for the passing of FCE, CAE, IELTS, BEC, TOEFL, GMAT accepted students with a level of not less than «Intermediate». Course duration – from 50 to 100 hours. Most exams can be taken only after the appropriate course (preparation for the TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, KET & PET, FCE, CAE).

Classes are conducted individually with professionals with extensive experience in preparing for such exams.


Preparation for international English examinations TOEFL in Odessa


What is TOEFL?

19The TOEFL test shows how freely a person, who doesn’t speak English as a native language, can use it in academic conditions.
With the help of this test it is easy to determine how good the student reads, listens, speaks and writes in English in college or university, at work, during the probation period or taking part in different programs.

Who pass the TOEFL test?

  • Secondary school Graduates, who want to study abroad.
  • Students, who are planning to transfer to foreign educational institution
  • Participants of immigration programs

Preparation for international English examination IELTS in Odessa


2 (1)The examination allows evaluating evenly the English skills for students, who are going to study, practice or work in English speaking countries or immigrate abroad.
The passing of examination is obligatory for everyone who is planning to submit an application for immigration to Canada, Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand. The examination is also obligatory if you are going to enter to Canadian, Australian, New Zealand, American, British and Irish universities. Remarkable that IELTS is the only examination, which results are admitted all over the world. The quantity of educational institutions, which admit the results of IELTS, is growing all the time.
The result of the test is valid 2 years.

The program of preparation for the international examination IELTS is calculated for 4 months. Lessons held 3 times a week by 2 academic hours. The elementary level of students should be not less than Upper-Intermediate.


Preparation for international English examination TOEIC in Odessa


What is TOEIC?

3The examination (test of English for international communication) is a test in English for people, who doesn’t speak English as a native language. The examination certificates level of possession of every day English. The result of the test shows how good the person can use English for business communication.

The test doesn’t require special knowledge or extend vocabulary.

Who pass TOEIC?

  • People, who use English in everyday activity, administrative, commercial and technical staff of all business spheres.
  • People, who are planning to place in a job in companies, with English environment of communication.
  • Participants of English trainings and courses of raising the level of their skill.

Why to pass the TOEIC?

Annually, more than 5 millions of people and thousands of organizations all over the world choosing the TOEIC test. The results of examination will allow you to:

  • Check your lever of English
  • Achieve the promotion or transfer to the new post
  • Raise the quantity of certificates of professional qualification
  • Keep up with progress in learning English
  • Put new aims in learning English

Preparation for international English examination KET & PET in Odessa


In Bridge school they are preparing you to passing the KET (key English test). This examination evaluates the basic skills of English. The examination is based on real life situations and calculated for the elementary level, which is enough for travelling to English speaking countries.

PET (Preliminary English Test) is elaborated for the candidates, who have middle level of English. Availability of this examination confirms knowledge of English for many employers.


Preparation for international English examination FCE in Odessa


4First Certificate in English (FCE) – one of the tests for determination of English level.  It is one of the most popular Cambridge examinations, which annually past around 300 000 students. You can pass it in special certified centers.

In general it is assigned for people, who are going to work abroad, as its diploma accepted with many commercial and industrial European companies and even with some educational institutions of Europe, as it is an evidence of middle level of skills.

As in every other test of English, FCE has the scale of marks. The biggest amount of marks – 200, at that the mark of every phase forms 20 % of overall assessment or maximum possible 40 marks.

But in contrast to others tests the pass-ability of marks stays in A B C order – lowest passing score, D E – not passing score.

Period of validity of the FCE results is not limited.


Preparation for international English examination CAE in Odessa


5CAE can pass people, who have enough level of English, to use it in everyday life, at work and during the educational process. In the system, which was set the European Union for modern languages, this test conforms to C1 level (the level of professional skill of English). That means that after passing the CAE test, you can use your knowledge of English in professional sphere, social life and during getting the higher education.

Period of validity of the CAE results is not limited.