Intensive courses

Course “English Weekend” with full immersion (Odessa)


19Intensive English language courses at the weekend have been developed by our Methodists especially for those who have no free time to learn English during the week, but who have a great desire to learn it and improve their knowledge.

These intensive courses in English are designed for all levels. They serve as wonderful language training which will help you to improve language skills. Slowly but surely you will overcome the language barrier, improve the quality of previously acquired knowledge and raise your level!

Training takes place three days a week for 10 hours (30 hours) on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Two qualified teachers work with groups according to the program. Each teacher is involved in the creation of an integrated approach of mastering  the educational material that develops students’ skills necessary to communicate freely in English.


Intensive Course (the English language) (Odessa)


1.19If you need particular results in the shortest period of time, the intensive course is just  for you. The content of the Intensive course of English is not different from the General course, though its duration is half as much.

The program of this course is designed for all the levels. Duration is 3 months (144 academic hours). Classes are held on weekdays, 5 times a week for 2 academic hours. The program of the whole level is set in a three-month Intensive course of English. Due to the communicative method and the hard work of skilled professionals, the quality of the knowledge is not worse than in the general course.Moreover, due to daily practice the language barrier is overcome sooner. Listening skills problems disappear, grammar and writing is practised.

Thus, even in three months, you can easily communicate on different topics with native speakers!

Two teachers work with a group. Changing teachers increases students’ attention and allows  to see the material from different sides, thus expanding the horizons and solving all students’ problems.