General Conversational English

General Conversational English


The general conversational course is our most complete English course, designed for those who want to master a foreign language and are not limited by time.

people-talkingDuring this course, all aspects of the language are equally developed: listening perception, grammar, reading, speaking, and writing. Along with the British textbooks (Oxford University Press, Cambridge, Longman), various additional materials, (audio, video, foreign newspapers and magazines), are used during the lessons. This gives students a good opportunity to broaden their vocabulary and enrich their speech with new grammar forms.

Сlasses are conducted in a free and easy atmosphere,  giving each student the opportunity to  express their own thoughts and suggest ideas. The teacher monitors the process, corrects students’ mistakes, explains new grammar, and gives assignments for practising.

General English courses consist of 7 levels (from “Beginner” to “Advanced 2”). After each level, students pass obligatory tests. Based on the results, the teacher can make recommendations for further study.


Conversation Club


2Would you like to improve your English by talking in a friendly atmosphere for 2 hours? Then you are welcome to join our Conversation Club.  Each week we discuss a variety of themes, including world culture, entertainment, national cuisine and food, art, sports,  and world events. Every week you’ll discuss interesting topics with a native speaker, and observe the growth of your vocabulary and communication skills. It doesn’t matter what your English level is now; by attending our Conversation Club, you’ll absorb English speech, and you’re sure to become a real participant in the conversation. So, please join us at Bridge School Conversation Club; you’re sure to enjoy it!


Conversational English for Adults


How important is the English language right now? It’s the language which we are exposed to in all spheres of our life, whether we like it or not. We come across it daily. In this connection every modern person must have a good command of English! This English course is for those who demand a solid knowledge of the English language to process their everyday communication.

The aim of Conversational English is oral skills developed for typical everyday situations, while learning basic business English as well. Oral speech skills are developed by the use of a great number of oral exercises, conversations and role plays. Audio perception of foreign speech is strengthened with the help of  various audio material. 80% of the teaching is devoted to oral practice and listening activities. In addition, each section includes a great amount of lexical material, grammar exercises with different skill levels, comments, tables, charts, schemes, texts for reading and listening. Practical English speech development for different spheres of life is stressed from the very first class. The teaching program is intended for any level of student – from Beginner to Advanced. The efficiency of the course is confirmed by our students.

You can test your English knowledge with the help of online English tests or in Bridge School’s central office and chart your progress.