English for children

English for children in Odessa

English for children

1329256In Bridge School teaching English for children starts from 3 years. In spite of such a young age, kids grasp ABCs of the foreign language. And this is not surprised: For kids every lesson becomes a fascinating game where favourite fairy tale heroes and characters participate. Children sing, dance, take part in active games, watch cartoons, draw, cut and all these in English.

Everything that fills a kid’s life appears on the lesson in full, and the fact that foreign speech is heard on the lesson arouses interest. In this way the English language becomes your child’s second native language.

Preschool teaching English has obvious advantages as kids aged 3-6 years learn the world actively and along with the native language learn other languages without any difficulties because they apprehend this process as something natural. Take care of your children’s future: present them English just now.

Sign up your child for an English group for kids in our offices in Odessa (the tenth of April Square,1,the 4th floor, room 41 ).
Besides English course for kids your child can visit the talking club for kids in English and Children summer camp

English for children aged 12-16 years (Odessa)

6226453The aim “to speak one language” works 100% on the foreign language lessons for teenagers in Bridge School.

Not all the teachers are ready to teach English pupils and teenagers. Teenagers’ excessive activity and their restlessness frighten most teachers. All the more lesson duration alerts – how to keep teens’ attention one and a half hour?

In Bridge School teaching English kids and teens is built based on their own wants. Planning a lesson every time a teacher asks himself: why this can be interesting for them? Plenty of active work, realization of creative joint projects, discussing topics that are important for nowadays teenagers stimulate them to participate in a lesson and at the same time master knowledge. We do not demand to listen to a teacher from them, and we do not demand anything from them. Teenagers learn to listen, to hear and react adequately in foreign language by themselves because its interesting. We cultivate the love for a foreign language in children by means of communication.

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