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Russian Language School in Odessa (Ukraine)

What do we offer?

  • General Russian Course
  • Survival Russian Course
  • Excursions in Odessa (any city or a tour of your choice)

Survival Russian


You are a tourist that came to Odessa, and you realized that only a few people can understand you, because you are a foreigner?

Survival Russian a special micro course for   the   most  rapid  adaptation  to  a Russian-speaking country. After the course you will be able to:
  • Read the signs and understand the inscriptions
  • Find your way around the city
  • Socialise with people
  • Make new friends

General Russian Course


What is the best place to learn Russian in Ukraine? No doubt, it’s Odessa, with its beaches, restaurants, night life and beautiful people!

For people with a passion for the Russian language, or those who plan to live for a sometime in a Russian-speaking country, we have more options:
  • Lessons in mini groups
  • Individual classes
  • A combination of group and —  individual sessions to achieve the incredible results
  • A conversation club in Russian

Have you already set your goal? Check out the Levels of Russian language knowledge and our team will get you there!


Group course


1Bridge School offers Russian language course in Odessa. You can study Russian language at any time of year whatever your proficiency. The teachers are highly qualified, who all have at least a Masters degree in Education and have long experience in teaching Russian and Ukrainian for foreigners.
If you prefer to learn russian in a group and to receive maximum personal attention from your teacher of Russian at the same time, you may choose to take a course in a mini-group of 2-6 students. This is the best choice to effectively practice both your speaking and writing abilities. Minimal length is two weeks, all levels, minimal age — 16 years. Standard intensity of the course is 20 hours a week. Learn Russian in Odessa with a maximum of communication and pleasure!


Individual course


We enable you to choose for yourself the number of hours per week (we recommend 20 to 40 hours for your individual russian language courses, depending on a desired intensity level). You are totally free to determine the course length. The program of the course will be adapted to suit your personal preferences and goals — from Russian alphabet to Dostoyevsky or business negotiations with Russian partners!
Bridge School positions itself as an expert in providing individual Russian language courses. It’s our strong side to focus on servicing and meeting individual preferences of our clients. The School offers highly competitive prices for Individual courses.

Advantages of an Individual Russian Language courses:

  • You can choose the number of hours per week yourself;
  • You are free to determine the total length of the course — from one week to many months;
  • You can start your course at any desired date;
  • The course’s content will be carefully adapted to suit your individual preferences and goals;
  • Lessons can be conducted in your house (host family, guest house, apartment);
  • You will be able to appoint the time for the lessons yourself;
  • And finally, you’ll be able to take part in all activities of the School. Taking up an individual course is an excellent way to study language.

Certificate: Having satisfactorily completed a course, students receive a certificate indicating the type and length of courses attended.


Excursions in Odessa


Two the most beautiful cities in Ukraine have much to offer in terms of sightseeing and a large range of excursions and activities are on offer. Weekend trips to other cities are highly recommended (Lvov, Crimea etc.). All arrangements and payment for excursions are made for you locally by our staff.


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